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Careers in Chilliwack
Careers in Chilliwack

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careers in chilliwack

Careers in Chilliwack

Imagine working in a company that benefits the community by producing lasting results. Imagine years later, admiring a well done project and knowing you helped build it. And imagine being a valuable team member, working with industry professionals and learning skills for real advancement. 

The Construction industry offers excellent career paths. Whether your talent is working with your head or your hands, opportunity presents itself for creative, skilled and competitive individuals, just like you. We’re looking for dedicated, hard-working and effective people. We offer competitive compensation, benefits packages, and a positive work environment.

Careers in Chilliwack. careers bc.

We work hard, we work smart.

We work hard and are not afraid to put in additional time or effort to keep our commitments.

We act intentionally and take time to create deliberate strategies and well thought through plans before we execute. careers in chilliwack

We build lasting value

We invest in people and help them grow.

We make decisions based on what our customers find important.

We think and invest long term. 

We are creative and innovative.

We are not afraid to approach the same old problems in brand new ways.

We accept that breaking new ground will lead to failures.

We grow through our mistakes to ensure they’re not repeated.  jobs

We have fun.

We celebrate our wins and each other.

We make work fun and we laugh often. bc jobs

We act with integrity.

We are people of character and keep our commitments.

We are genuine, transparent, and take ownership because we understand building trust is building our future. 

We care.

We take opportunities to leverage our skills and help those in need.

We listen to our customers and empathize with their perspectives.

We think and act like owners.