Why Rent to Own?

Our goal is to help you get into your own home TODAY, at the same time build your positive credit score while helping you build the entire down payment needed for you to qualify for a mortgage at the end of your rent to own agreement. We want this to be a Win-Win, you can move into your home TODAY, over the next two to three years you build what will be your down payment. We are adding a very modest increase to the price of your home by increasing the value at 1.5% per year (this is lower than the current Saskatchewan market).

We currently have Rent to Own opportunities at these developments

Montgomery Place Saskatoon   and  Horizon Warman

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Rent to Own
Rent to Own
Rent to Own
Rent to Own

General guidelines:

• You will need to build a minimum deposit of the initial house purchase price.

• You are required to pay a monthly base rental for your home.

• You will also build rent credits to help build your down payment over and above your monthly rent and the value depends on your initial deposit.

• As soon as you move into your new home, you can do cosmetic upgrades to make it your home – as this is your home.

• You will have a lease contract, so you will not have to worry about rent increases during your term.

• We will keep a clear log of your monthly rental credits to go to your down payment for your ultimate purchase of your home.

Benefits for you:

• The rent we agree upon is firm with no annual increases.

• You are in the house you want NOW and can begin living in it like it’s your home.

• Your consistent rent payments and buildup of down payment demonstrates to lenders that you have commitment and responsibility to make your payments on time.

• By saving for your down payment every month ensures that when the time comes for you to purchase the property you not only have the funds but also have developed your credit score.

• Our team is available to help you write your credit application to assist you to qualify for favorable financing terms on your own.

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